House of the People

-Strength through community-

Who We Are

The House of the People began with an idea of helping those who were struggling by providing food and shelter and community. This idea, a seed, has growing and evolving over the years nourished by residents at the House of the People and the Dayton community. Since 1995, we have been providing support to Rwandan refugees and asylees who left after the genocide there.

Since the beginning, the work of the House of the People has been sustained by individual donations, grants and volunteers. The community of House supporters has held the success as an import goal and we have come toghther to solve some of the most pressing issue; it has been a beautiful act of faith.

Become a part of the family!

Be part of the solution and help with the healing and new beginnings!Our work directly assists Rwandans as they work on finding jobs and education. Join the volunteers from this area who have worked hard to keep the House of the People running!.

Donate what you can. We are a tax exempt organization 501 3c, your money goes straight to the projects as all staff and board members are volunteers.

Our Story

If you have construction skills, or if you can get a crew together, help us tackle some of these proects. Let us know if you have connections with suppliers who would be willing to give discounts on building materials.